Students launch Manicule, a new journal on art history, film studies

Cover of the publication ManiculeA new student-run journal focused on art history and film studies, called Manicule, released its first issue last month.

The journal showcases scholarly and creative pieces written by Stanford undergraduate students in the fields of art history and film and media studies. The aim of the annual publication is to provoke new ways of thinking about art, enrich Stanford’s arts community and give undergraduates an inclusive outlet to share their ideas, according to the journal’s mission statement.

“We aim to write and publish pieces with style, passion, conviction and a desire to illuminate,” the mission statement says.

CARLOS VALLADARES is listed as Manicule’s editor-in-chief, and TABITHA WALKER and SAMANTHA WASSMER are the managing editors. All three undergraduates are in the Class of 2018. The journal’s faculty advisers are art history Professor ALEXANDER NEMEROV, art history Assistant Professor MARCI KWON and GABRIELLE MOYER, a faculty member in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric.

The journal’s name comes from the Latin word manicula, which means “little hand.” This refers to a pointing hand symbol, often used in printing, graphics or signs, to draw attention to something previously ignored.

The journal’s 24-page debut issue features four pieces of writing. Walker wrote a reflection essay she submitted for the Cantor Arts Center’s Geballe Prize for Writing. Junior TYLER DUNSTON authored an essay about 17th-century painter Nicolas Régnier’s St. Sebastian Attended by the Holy Women and a poem, published next to a photo of a painting by artist Jackson Pollock. An essay by undergraduate SPENCER SLOVIC was originally written for a film studies course.

Students interested in submitting work for publication can email [email protected].