Kate Gibson is named San Mateo County’s Bike Commuter of the Year

Kate Gibson
Kate Gibson

KATE GIBSON, transportation demand management (TDM) and communications specialist in Land and Buildings Operations, was recently named the 2017 Bike Commuter of the Year in San Mateo County.

Gibson commutes to Stanford by biking from her home to the Redwood City Caltrain station and then riding from the Palo Alto Caltrain station to her office. On days when she wants an extra workout or when the train is delayed, she skips Caltrain and bikes straight home.

In her role as a TDM and communications specialist, Gibson shares her knowledge and experiences to help other commuters consider or improve their commutes. She recorded a YouTube video to help new commuters see what a bike and Caltrain commute is like.

“Bike commuting can be much more flexible and accessible than people perceive it to be,” said Gibson. “I was a little hesitant when I started bike commuting, in part because I had had a close call with a car when I lived in Seattle. However, I started slow – trying it out here and there – and before I knew it, I was hooked. Biking gives me more freedom in my commute, and gives me more opportunities for fresh air, exercise and sunshine. I would encourage people to incorporate bike commuting in whatever way works for them.”

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