Stanford students participate in video to promote civic engagement on college campuses

Following the 2016 elections, many colleges and universities are experiencing renewed energy and interest in civic engagement.

In response, campuses across the nation have joined together in #OurTomorrow, a national campaign showcasing students

Stanford students supporting Our Tomorrow civic engagement campaign

making a difference in a variety of ways, including through volunteering, community organizing and activism, and policy and governance.

In a new video, Stanford students discuss their efforts to advance education and policy engagement through service organizations and fellowship experiences. The video features Luis Ornelas, ’18, vice president of outreach for the Stanford Pre-Education Society, and Ameena Tawakol, ’17, vice chair of fellowships and stipends for Stanford in Government.

The #OurTomorrow campaign aims to encourage students across the political spectrum to take action on issues they are passionate about, to connect them with service and civic engagement resources at their universities and to see their work in the context of being part of a nationwide community. The effort is a nonpartisan celebration of the profound power of young people to make change as next-generation leaders.