Farmers bring fresh produce to the Farm

Stevie Hall of Hall's Organic Farms is one of the vendors selling produce at the new farmers' market at Tresidder Union on Tuesdays.
Stevie Hall of Hall’s Organic Farms is one of the vendors selling produce at the new farmers market on Tuesdays at Tresidder Union. (Photo: Angie Chan-Geiger/Student Affairs)

Want some tasty fresh organic treats without driving to your local farmers market or navigating the grocery store? Visit Stanford’s new farmers market.

Stanford recently launched a partnership with a local farmers association to bring fresh California produce and homemade products to the campus community. Every Tuesday, rain or shine, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., members of the community can purchase organic fruits and vegetables and other products such as honeys and preserves, breads and spreads. Many of the vendors offer samples.

The market is located on Tresidder Union’s front patio and will feature certified growers who are part of the West Coast Farmers Market Association (WCFMA).

The market currently features about a dozen vendors, including fruit growers from Fresno and vegetable farmers from Santa Clara and Monterey counties. The produce will reflect the season. For instance, Webb Ranch will be part of the market when their heirloom tomatoes and berries become ripe mid-May to early June.

JEANETTE SMITH-LAWS, director of operations and student unions in the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, worked with the WCFMA for several years to bring the market to campus. She is excited about this new venture for a variety of reasons.

“This is a win-win, a sustainable model that works,” Smith-Law says. “We’re starting small and hope to build this into something larger that offers the community an opportunity to enjoy fresh local products, and also supports Stanford’s commitment to sustainability and wellness.”