First-year student’s nature photographs earn international prize

Two leopards
First-year student David Rosenzweig’s award-winning photograph will be displayed in the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. (Photograph reprinted courtesy of David Rosenzweig)

First-year student DAVID ROSENZWEIG‘s photograph of two leopards has won the Youth Category of Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards Exhibition for Animal Conservation.

Rosenzweig will be honored along with other winners of the photography competition at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History on Nov. 17, where his picture will be on display.

David Rosenzweig
David Rosenzweig

“I borrowed my dad’s camera, and I fell in love with wildlife photography and with nature,” Rosenzweig explains in a video about the competition. “When you put in the photography element, you start to look at nature in a different way. Although you’re looking at it through a lens, you’re looking at it more defined. You’re looking at more specific things.”

Rosenzweig is particularly attracted to African wildlife. He described the situation that led to his prize-winning photograph.

“I went with my grandparents to the Timbavati game reserve in South Africa,” he said. “It was our first game drive out there, and we came across this leopard. Then, all of a sudden, we looked down the road, and there is another leopard about the same size as her, and it was an almost fully grown cub. Leopards are known to leave their cubs, especially at this age to go out and hunt on their own. So this cub would have been away from its mother for about 48 hours. And we just watched as the two of them get together and have this incredible interaction. And it was just a beautiful thing.”

The mission of Nature’s Best Photography is to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature though photography and to use the medium to encourage greater public interest in conservation stewardship.

See the video about the competition and see more of Rosenzweig’s nature photography.