Residential Education welcomes new resident fellows

Residential Education has welcomed new resident fellows to five houses this fall.

Adam Banks
Adam Banks

Resident fellows live in cottages adjacent to—or apartments within—the residence halls. They help build community within the residences and create a culture that supports the university’s teaching and research mission and personal development. The fellows, who are either faculty or senior administrators, also oversee the student staff members who work and live in the house.

Among the newly appointed resident fellows are:

LOURDES ANDRADE, associate director of the Leland Scholars Program, who lives with her husband, ALEX, and son, MATEO, in Trancos. Trancos houses sophomores and is located in Wilbur Hall on the east side of campus.

ADAM BANKS, faculty director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric and professor in the Graduate School of Education, who lives in Potter House, an upperclass dorm in Governor’s Corner.

Melissa Shellberg
Melissa Schellberg

JENNIFER CALVERT, associate dean of Residential Education, who, along with her husband, SCOTT, will serve as college director in Schiff House, which is part of Freshman Sophomore College, known as FroSoCo. They have two sons, VAN and ROCKWELL.

AMY LARIMER, assistant director of the Architectural Design Program, lives in Rinconada, an all first-year residence in Wilbur Hall. She and her husband, DREW KRAFCIK, are joined by daughter, FANNY, and dog, FEATHER.

MELISSA SCHELLBERG, an academic adviser for student athletes in Undergraduate Advising and Research, who is resident fellow for Suites. Suites includes Anderson, Griffin, Jenkins and Marx—all upperclass apartment-style houses in Governor’s Corner.

Learn more about resident fellows on the Residential Education website.