Ya gotta love those punny Stanford students

Jen Pulido
Jen Pulido, an ethnic theme associate in Casa Zapata, shows off the dorm’s thematic T-shirt.

Each year, RESIDENTIAL EDUCATION STUDENT STAFF members wrack their brains to come up with original, clever, memorable and generally punny dorm themes to welcome first-years, transfers and continuing students to their new homes. It helps if the theme, which is generally based on the name of the house, lends itself to a creative T-shirt design.

This year’s dorm themes were heavy on children’s stories, super heroes and cultural allusions that may befuddle most non-millenials.

The venerable, four-year Roble Hall, Stanford’s oldest continuously used residence hall, chose Metroble for its theme, with each of the residence’s hallways sporting the name of a metropolitan transit system. Railroad tracks paper the hall walls throughout the 300-student residence.

Arroyo t-shirt
Arroyo chose Where the Wild Things Arroyo for its dorm theme.

Student staff at the Wilbur residential complex, which houses first-year students, opted for a variety of vastly different themes. Arroyo for instance, harked to the classic Maurice Sendak story with Where the Wild Things Arroyo. Video games were favored by Okada (Pokemon Gokado) and Junipero (Pikachuipero). Trancos gave a nod to the television show Fairly Odd Parents with Transcosmo & Wanda (they are, indeed, the fairly odd fairy godparents), while Otero selected the Disney feature LilOtero & Stitch. Movies were favored by Rinconada (Finding Dorinc) and Soto (Toy Sotory). Cedro went in a more culinary direction with Cedrotisserie Chicken.

At Florence Moore Hall, the east side houses constructed their themes around notorious monsters, including Faizilla (Faisan), Alondracula (Alondra) and Cardenstein (Cardenal). The west side houses opted for the more challenging theme, Flo Money Mo’ Problems.

Casa Zapata may get the prize for the best applied theme. The staff there chose Zapatify, in recognition of the popular digital music service. They then labeled each student’s room door with his or her name and favorite song.

Other examples throughout campus: Twain selected Roaring Twainties. Burbank chose Bearbank and created a T-shirt featuring the California state bear symbol. Student staff there also growl when prompted. Even the new residences got in the act. A sign in the lobby of newly opened Meier Hall proclaims, “America’s Next Top Meier.”