Missing the Dish? Try the Matadero Creek Trail

The Matadero Creek Road
The Matadero Creek Trail winds up into the foothills, offering spectacular views.

Suffering hiking withdrawal symptoms due to the temporary closure of the Dish?

Then try the Matadero Creek Trail.

You can enter the 1.5-mile trail from one of two places: either at the southeast corner of Page Mill Road and Foothill Expressway or at the corner of Coyote Hill Road and Page Mill Road. If you are driving to the trail, there are 33 easily-accessed parking spaces on Coyote Hill Road, designed specifically for area hikers.

Runner on Matadero Trail.
A runner on the Matadero Creek Trail with the Dish in the background.

Matadero Creek Trail, opened by Stanford in 2011, begins as a paved trail open to both bikers and hikers that hugs Page Mill Road. It turns into a dirt path when it winds up into the foothills and crests over a ridge. There, hikers can enjoy spectacular views of the Santa Cruz Mountains from one direction; the Stanford campus, Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay from another; and the Dish from a third. The trail ends at Arastradero Road. Walking to the end of the trail and back will net Stanford participants in the BeWell Walkers program some 8,500 steps.

The sounds of nearby traffic remind hikers that they are never too far from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. But the abundance of furry and feathered critters assures visitors that they are definitely outdoors. The trail also features hills that will challenge even veteran Dish walkers.

For more images of the Matadora Creek Trail, visit this site.