Decals, decals

Toby Gerhart has lots of little axes on his helmet
Toby Gerhart has lots of little axes on his helmet. Photo by David Gonzales.

“My husband and I have been looking at the Stanford football team helmets on TV,” an inquiring mind wrote in an email after the Stanford Notre Dame football game. “They are ‘almost’ very clear, but not enough for our senior citizen status. What are those decals? Honestly, they look like stylized ducks, but we’re very sure they are not.”
We asked JIM YOUNG, director of media relations in Athletics, to shed some light:  “They are little Stanford Axes and they are given to players for outstanding contributions in a game, etc.”

Even 6′ 1″,  235-pound scholar-athletes like getting stickers for good behavior.  6-1 / 235

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