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November 8, 2006


Lisa Trei, News Service: (650) 725-0224,

2006-07 Hoover Institution Campbell National Fellows named

The Hoover Institution's annual postdoctoral W. Glenn Campbell and Rita Ricardo-Campbell National Fellows have been named for the 2006-07 academic year. Since the program was established 34 years ago, more than 400 fellowships have been awarded. Fellows use the release time from teaching to advance their professional careers by completing an original, significant research project at the institution.

Institution Deputy Director David Brady, assisted by Joy Kelley, administers the program, which is named in honor of Glenn Campbell, the late director of the institution, and his widow, Rita Ricardo-Campbell, who is a senior fellow there. Several of the national fellowships are directly funded by and named after Hoover Institution supporters.

Following is a list of the fellows, their academic affiliations and their research topics:

Sarah Anderson, Political Science, Stanford; Robert Eckles Swain National Fellow. Her research will focus on budget policy issues.

Eugenia Belova, Economics, University of Houston. Belova will collaborate with National Fellow Valery Lazarev on "Political Institutions, Economic Governance and Law Enforcement: Communist Party of the USSR under Stalin and Khrushchev." In residence after January 2007.

Latika Chaudhary, Economics, Stanford; John Stauffer National Fellow in Public Policy: "Social Divisions and Urban Services from a Historical Perspective."

Ulrich Doraszelski, Economics, Harvard University: "Dynamic Antitrust Policy: The Case of Predatory Pricing."

Anders Frederiksen, Aarhus School of Business, Denmark: "Economic Incentives in Firms." In residence January 2007.

Christina Gathmann, postdoctoral fellow, Stanford; recipient of the Bittson National Fellowship: "Changes in Human Capital Investment During Economic Transition: The Case of Russia."

Valery Lazarev, School of Business, University of Houston. Lazarev will collaborate with National Fellow Eugenia Belova on "Political Institutions, Economic Governance and Law Enforcement: Communist Party of the USSR under Stalin and Khrushchev." In residence after January 2007.

Robert Leeson, Economics, Murdoch University, Australia: "The Collected Writings of Milton Friedman."

Semion Lyandres, History, University of Notre Dame; William C. Bark National Fellow: "In Search of Legitimacy: The Origins of the Russian Provisional Government and the Politics of the 1917 Revolution."

Gabriella Montinola, Political Science, University of California-Davis; Edward Teller National Fellow: "Toward a Structural Model of Political Survival."

Ricardo Reis, Economics, Princeton University; Arch W. Shaw National Fellow: "Measuring Inflation."

Heiner Schulz, Political Science, University of Pennsylvania: "The Political Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries."

Jonathan Wand, Political Science, Stanford: "The Political Economy of Health-Care Priorities and Program Evaluation."

In addition, Beatriz Magaloni, Political Science, Stanford, has been named the 2006-07 Susan Louis Dyer Peace Fellow. Her research topic is "Electoral Autocracies in the World."



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