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campus life

Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute —

Fellowships empower emerging neuroscientists

Stanford undergrads and local community college students did hands-on research in the neurosciences this summer through the NeURO and NeURO-CC fellowships.

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Stanford News —

Move-in Day on the Farm

President Richard Saller joined residential staff in welcoming the Class of 2027 to campus on Tuesday. Watch the highlights.

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Stanford welcomes more than 4,500 new students

More than 4,500 frosh and transfer, graduate, and professional students begin arriving on campus this weekend to participate in events designed to help them feel at home on the Farm.

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‘We Are Stanford’

President Richard Saller, Provost Persis Drell, and incoming Provost Jenny Martinez shared the Frost Amphitheater stage on Tuesday as they welcomed faculty and staff to the new academic year.

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Birds of a feather

For the members of the Stanford Birdwatching Club, campus outings offer plentiful opportunities for glimpsing rare species, and a special kind of camaraderie.

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Cardinal Walk in photos

More than 2,000 staff members came out for the 17th annual Cardinal Walk last week to celebrate health and community, and remote employees organized walks of their own. Check out the highlights.

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Stanford Engineering —

Coming in hot

The Stanford Moonshot Club built a motorized couch and achieved a degree of internet fame. Watch the vehicular furniture zipping around campus, with special appearances by Jennifer Widom, Persis Drell, and Mehran Sahami.

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Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability —

Student researchers build experience and community

Eighty undergrads are spending the summer working in labs, taking samples in the field, and learning new computing techniques at the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and its affiliated institutes.

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Robo-dogs unleash joy at Stanford hospital

Stanford students, researchers, and doctors, in partnership with AI and robotics industry leaders, recently demonstrated the playful bots for patients at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.

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Consortium brings students together for conversations across political divides

The Intercollegiate Civil Disagreement Partnership brings college students of different backgrounds together for meaningful conversations across political divides. “One of the things the program really emphasizes is how many issues are not black and white. How do we have discussions that just have more nuance?”

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