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BeWell offers more customization in 2022

The 2022 BeWell Program offers benefits-eligible Stanford University employees greater flexibility and customization to focus on self-care.

BeWell is a much-loved program with a long history of helping employees make self-care enjoyable and effective. We’re making some positive changes next year and taking advantage of an opportunity to adopt the same wellness platform as Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health. 

We continue to strive to provide an employee wellness program that is personalized to meet your needs. To that end, the 2022 BeWell Program will be streamlined and offer greater customization to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

New platform, same great incentive

BeWell is moving to a new platform that allows greater personalization and flexibility, is more user-friendly, and has a more modern look. We’ve put together a glimpse of the new platform.

Your first step will be your 15-minute online Health Assessment (formerly SHALA), which will give you insight into your health and lifestyle habits. You may start wellness activities (formerly Wellness Profile, Engagement and Berries) after your Health Assessment. You are no longer required to complete specific activities to earn your incentive. You can customize your BeWell experience by choosing only the activities that you feel best meet your unique needs.

You will earn points for completing activities, which count toward your incentive. Every 140 points you earn translates to a $140 taxable incentive on your paycheck with a maximum of 560 points or $560. The maximum incentive amount you can earn is not changing.

  • 140 points = $140
  • 280 points = $280
  • 420 points = $420
  • 560 points = $560

More free, remote activities and new activities every month

Most wellness activities can be completed remotely, and there will be more than 60 free wellness activities that become available throughout the year. Examples of these activities include:

  • Attending the annual BeWell Wellness Fair 
  • Attending the annual BeWell Cardinal Walk
  • Participating in Bike to Work month 
  • Donating blood 
  • Reading information about wellness topics
  • Completing quizzes on wellness topics
  • Engaging in daily wellness activities
  • Attending dental wellness check-ups 
  • Participating in quarterly remote wellness challenges

What’s staying the same

Many of the activities available last year will still be available this year, including: 

  • Stanford Healthy Living offerings
  • BeWell Champions
  • Stanford Recreation & Wellness offerings 
  • Attending your annual well check-up
  • Completing an organized race 
  • Community service 

Advising will be available under the new name BeWell Check-in, and Multi-session Coaching will be available as Lifestyle Coaching. Biometrics screening continues to be waived for 2022. Please note that your past Screening results will not be available on this new platform. Please sign in to the old platform by February 28, 2022 to download your results if you would like to keep them for your records.

We will still offer several events throughout the year to give you a chance to take time for your well-being and learn about important self-care strategies and resources. The Wellness Fair returns this year and will take place in person on May 17 at SRWC and May 24 at main campus. The annual Cardinal Walk will take place in person and virtually on August 4. 

We have two upcoming virtual events, LeadWell for Life (February 3) and The Science and Application of Play (March 23-24), so you can explore new facets of your wellness and find innovative ways to take care of your well-being from wherever you are working.

Make sure you hear from us!

BeWell emails may get sorted into your other, junk or clutter folders in your Outlook inbox. Be sure to check these folders and mark that you trust emails from the email address to get important notifications about BeWell events, activities and resources.

Visit the website to learn more.