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Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence —

Can artificial intelligence map our moods?

Stanford psychologist Johannes Eichstaedt uses machine learning to identify mood swings through social media.

Poor memory tied to attention lapses and media multitasking

Stanford researchers are connecting the dots between attention and memory to explain why we remember certain things and forget others, why some people remember better than others and how media multitasking affects how well we recall.

Birds’ cultural benefits

Around the world, birds are deeply embedded in human culture. New research finds the birds people value most are under the greatest threat from deforestation and climate change.

COVID-19’s mental toll on teens

The researchers identified specific patterns of brain activation that protect adolescents from experiencing COVID-19-related anxiety and depression. The safeguard even extended to teens who experienced early puberty and are more likely to suffer psychological distress.

Smiling in the masked world of COVID-19

People will have to learn to smile with their eyes and voices, and to read the eyes and voices of others more, Stanford scholar Jeanne Tsai says.