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In May 2019, Stanford launched its Long-Range Vision for how the university can accelerate its purposeful impact in the world, based on proposals submitted by the campus community.  These stories describe the planning process for Our Vision, and detail the progress of initiatives that accelerate new solutions for urgent challenges, enhance our knowledge of our world and ourselves, advance education for our undergraduate and graduate students and support our community of faculty, students and staff.

Stanford Transforming Learning Accelerator —

There’s nothing remote about this Virtual Ramadan at Stanford

Stanford’s Markaz Resource Center, in collaboration with other campus groups and the Stanford Transforming Learning Accelerator, debuts Virtual Ramadan, an online gathering space for Stanford’s Muslim community during the month-long holy holiday.

Stanford Today —

Stanford initiatives proceed despite pandemic, trustees learn

Stanford trustees received briefings on such university initiatives as the new school for climate and sustainability and undergraduate education enhancements, as well as pandemic progress and campus activities.

Stanford accelerators move knowledge to impact in the world

Stanford’s Long-Range Vision seeks to increase and accelerate both the creation of new knowledge through foundational research and the uptake of that knowledge as solutions for urgent problems in climate, learning, health and society.