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In May 2019, Stanford launched its Long-Range Vision for how the university can accelerate its purposeful impact in the world, based on proposals submitted by the campus community.  These stories describe the planning process for Our Vision, and detail the progress of initiatives that accelerate new solutions for urgent challenges, enhance our knowledge of our world and ourselves, advance education for our undergraduate and graduate students and support our community of faculty, students and staff.

Stanford Report —

Patrick Dunkley champions change

Stanford’s new vice provost for institutional equity, access and community talks about creating a more equitable and inclusive campus community.

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Home purchase program for staff has a successful start

Last spring, the Affordability Task Force announced a new staff home purchase assistance program to address challenges that surfaced in the input gathered from staff related to housing affordability. The program started in April 2021 and to date, 120 staff have actively participated, and 18 staff have become homeowners through the program.

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Equity seed grant bolsters environmental justice efforts

Stanford researchers have been working to weave critical concepts of equitable sustainability and environmental justice into research, teaching and community-based learning, including through a new environmental justice minor.

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Immersive sustainability course embodies new school principles

Graduate students across disciplines participated in an immersive, weeklong summer course centered on systems thinking, transdisciplinary thinking, and connecting research and practice that could be a model keystone experience for Stanford’s new school focused on climate and sustainability.

Reducing campus emissions focus of new Stanford program

Achieving Stanford’s goal of reaching at least net-zero emissions from its operations will require developing new tools and strategies, which could also help businesses and governments reach their own emissions goals.