Stanford microbiologist Allan Campbell dies at 88

Campbell was best known for the “Campbell model,” which described how some viruses create genetic sleeper agents inside bacteria that wait for a vulnerable moment when they can awaken and kill their hosts.

William F. Miller, former Stanford provost, dies at 91

William Miller was a scholar of Silicon Valley who shared his knowledge of entrepreneurship throughout the world and particularly in Asia. He also was one of the early contributors to the application of computation in math, science and business.

Stanford political scientist John Lewis dies at 86

Stanford political scientist John W. Lewis was a pioneer in establishing some of the first university programs in contemporary Asian politics in the United States, while also advocating peaceful resolutions to international conflicts.

Stanford Athletics —

Stanford legend Bob Murphy passes away at age 86

Bob Murphy, whose voice, spirit and wit defined Stanford athletics for many years, died Tuesday at the age of 86 in Santa Cruz. He had suffered from Alzheimer's.

Stanford chemist John Ross dies at 90

John Ross, a professor of chemistry at Stanford and recipient of the National Medal of Science, was a forward-thinking researcher known also for his humor and wisdom. He passed away after a brief illness on Feb. 18 at the age of 90.