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Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment —

Support for boundless innovation

Interdisciplinary research teams will convert plastic into food, grow self-fertilizing crops, equip law enforcement to stop illegal deforestation, and more with grants from the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.

Human-driven mass extinction is eliminating entire genera

A new analysis of mass extinction at the genus level, from researchers at Stanford and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, finds a “mutilation of the tree of life” with massive potential harms to human society.

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment —

Tracking a potent climate threat

Stanford researchers are working across disciplines to create low-cost sensors that can measure methane emissions in humid tropical environments.

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment —

What Congress can do to support wildland firefighters

Wildland firefighters are overworked, underpaid, and unprepared, according to a new white paper. The authors explain how Congress can support these essential frontline workers.

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability —

Seeing the oceans in a new light

A thumbnail-sized optical sensor that detects environmental DNA in near-real time could help coastal communities monitor some of the world’s largest marine protected areas.

Farming for food and biodiversity

Diversified farming is an important complement to forest protections for reversing tropical biodiversity declines.

Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability —

All about hurricanes

Stanford experts on atmospheric dynamics explain why it’s so hard to predict the path and the intensity of tropical storms.

Stanford Center on Food Security and the Environment —

Solutions for childhood stunting

Adding minerals to farmland soil could help prevent a condition with long-lasting harmful consequences for children in the developing world.

Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health —

Recalculating the cost of climate change

Planetary health fellow Minghao Qiu wants to quantify how increasing air pollution from wildfires and fossil fuel emissions will affect human health.

Can alternative meat compete?

The analysis compares innovations and policies related to plant-based and lab-grown alternatives to animal meat and dairy in the U.S. and European Union. Its findings could help ensure legislation levels the food industry playing field.