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Stanford Report —

Portraits of change

An exhibition of photographs that document sweeping 20th-century political, social, and artistic movements across Latin America opened this month at the Cantor Arts Center.

STANFORD magazine —

The evolution of Blackfest

The largest free hip-hop event in the Bay Area wasn’t always a music festival. For decades, it was a family picnic of sorts, sparked by the need to bridge an east-west campus divide.

Stanford scholars react to the end of affirmative action

Anthony Lising Antonio, Ralph Richard Banks, David Grusky, Eujin Park, Sean Reardon, and C. Matthew Snipp consider the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling against race-conscious university admissions.

Stanford Medicine magazine —

Toward equal footing

Stanford health policy expert Alyce Adams discusses the factors that drive health disparities and her vision for forging meaningful health equity advances at Stanford Medicine and beyond.

Stanford Medicine —

Striking inequalities in maternal and infant health

Research by SIEPR’s Petra Persson and Maya Rossin-Slater finds wealthy Black mothers and infants in the U.S. fare worse than the poorest white mothers and infants.

Overturning immigration myths

In a new book, Ran Abramitzky and his co-author trace millions of immigrant lives to understand how they – and their children – thrived in the United States.

Stanford Graduate School of Business —

Hey, employers: Job hunters really want to see your diversity data

New research finds that a majority of job seekers care about potential employers’ demographics and diversity so much that most would consider sacrificing a higher salary to work at a more inclusive company.