Friends of friends reveal our hidden online traits

Our online friends generally reflect our age, race or political views, but some traits, notably gender, have been easier to hide online – until Stanford researchers realized that our friends’ friends give our gender secrets away.

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Exploring cybersecurity, Capitol Hill-style

The Congressional Cyber Boot Camp taking place at Stanford this week offers panel discussions, role-playing exercises, informational sessions, and networking opportunities for congressional staffers.

Insider threats often go undetected

Stanford political scientist Scott Sagan says the evidence shows that while insider threats may be low-probability events on a day-to-day basis, over time they have a high probability of occurring.  

Stanford urges email security vigilance

Recent “spear phishing” emails targeting members of the Stanford community provide a reminder of the importance of good email security practices.

Massive cyberattack poses policy dilemma, Stanford scholar says

Stanford cybersecurity expert Herb Lin says the Oct. 21 cyberattack that snarled traffic on major websites reveals weaknesses in the Internet of Things that need to be addressed. But stricter security requirements could slow innovation, cost more and be difficult to enforce.