Beyond Classroom

Epiphany in the fish lab

Studying the brains of fish led undergraduate Danielle Katz in an unexpected direction – a degree in mechanical engineering.

Iranian Studies Program cultivates student’s passion for history

As an undergraduate in the Iranian Studies Program, Anna Polishchuk translated top-secret documents from the Soviet Union as she researched the relationship between Iran’s pro-communist groups and the Soviets during the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Exploring how hip-hop culture transforms young lives

As a Stanford senior, Kareem Alston learned specialized techniques used in social science research to prepare for – and conduct – an interview with the leader of an organization dedicated to building a more just and joyful world through the arts.

Searching for an ecological solution

A dam that brought fresh water to a Senegalese town also brought increased rates of a disease called snail fever. Undergraduate Olivia Cords was part of team investigating a possible ecological solution.

Unlocking the brain’s plasticity

Depressing but true: people are less able to form new brain connections as they grow older. Undergraduate Richie Sapp was part of a team whose research could make it easier for adults to learn, and possibly heal after brain injuries.