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The New York Times —

Google seeks to break vicious cycle of online slander

Article quotes Daphne Keller, director of the program on platform regulation at the Stanford Cyber Policy Center, commenting on Google's ability to choose what information should "disappear."

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ABC News —

The COVID-19 virus can cause diabetes, new studies find

Article reports on new research from the School of Medicine that confirms the association between COVID-19 and diabetes.

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ABC News —

Making sense of COVID guidance for children as summer starts

Interview with Alok Patel, clinical instructor of pediatrics, on navigating conflicting policies about mask-wearing and hygiene measures.

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Reuters News —

Exxon’s board shakeup could force review of billions of dollars in spending

Article quotes David Larcker, professor of accounting, emeritus, arguing Exxon board members are going to have to adapt quickly to changes.

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NBC Bay Area —

Questions linger as Bay Area’s reopening date nears

Story quotes Anne Liu, clinical associate professor of medicine, on the importance of getting as many people vaccinated as possible.

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Forecasting wildfires: Scientists mapping fuel sources around Bay Area

Story quotes Alexandra Konings, assistant professor of earth systems science, on severity of this year's drought in California, and a new technique to measure moisture in plants.

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The Guardian —

Is sleep a ‘magic pill’ for teen wellness in a mental health crisis?

Article quotes Denise Pope, senior lecturer in education at GSE, comparing sleep to a "magic pill" that can enhance physical and mental health and decrease stress.

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The Wall Street Journal —

Friends break up with Zoom meetings to gather in person

Article quotes work by Jeremy Bailenson, professor of communication and senior fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, on how video meetings lack the spatial cues humans need for communication. It also quotes Jeff Hancock, professor of communication, predicting most Zoom social life will decay with the exception of meetings focused on activities and not conversation.

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The Washington Post —

The pandemic intensified the tech censorship debate

Article quotes David Relman, professor of microbiology and immunology, commenting on Facebook's decision to reverse the decision to censor claims that the virus was "man made."

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San Jose Mercury News —

California’s rising tide of COVID vaccination records raise privacy concerns

Article quotes Michelle Mello, professor of law and of medicine, downplaying privacy concerns about health agencies' use of immunization information.

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