Hoover’s GoodFellows series marks one year of broadcasts

GoodFellows, the Hoover Institution’s weekly conversation series in which senior fellows JOHN COCHRANE, NIALL FERGUSON and H.R. MCMASTER analyze domestic and world events, is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

GoodfellowsGoodFellows began as a video series on April 1, 2020, just two weeks after much of the world left the workplace for home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its launch, the series has broadcast more than 40 episodes, with some 4 million views.

The initial episodes assessed the global health crisis and governments’ responses, including ramifications for the economy, the education of young people and individual civil liberties. GoodFellows also considered how COVID-19 was shaping strategic engagement between the United States and China and debated whether a new Cold War was underway. The scholars also pondered whether the world would ever return to normal after the pandemic.

Following the May 2020 death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and demonstrations that followed, the series began to address the challenges of achieving racial equality in America. In fall 2020, GoodFellows discussed McMaster’s new book, Battlegrounds: The Fight to Defend the Free World, an assessment of the world’s trouble spots.

In recent episodes, the scholars have been joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will for a conversation about America’s drift from the Founders’ intentions. Upcoming shows include cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker on “Why Things Aren’t That Bad” and Manhattan Institute president Reihan Salam on the immigration crisis.

Tune in to past and future episodes of GoodFellows.