Precourt Institute announces winners of first Global Energy Heroes competition

Community-based sustainability organizations Mee Panyar, Solar Freeze and Takataka Plastics have won the first Global Energy Heroes prizes from Stanford’s Precourt Institute for Energy. The competitive prizes drew submissions from 27 countries across six continents.

Sebastian Schneider, left, and Kailash Raman spearheaded the Precourt Institute’s first Global Energy Heroes competition. (Courtesy Stanford Energy)

Organizations led by people aged 18 to 30 years old were eligible to enter and were required to submit a short video about their work.

Stanford students KAILASH RAMAN and SEBASTIAN SCHNEIDER spearheaded the competition as co-presidents of the Stanford Energy Club, a student organization.

“This year’s winners highlight the power that we have to tackle the immense challenge of energy and sustainability. The organizations who submitted entries are making direct, meaningful improvements in our communities,” said Raman, a junior majoring in chemical engineering.

“Though focusing on the specific needs of their communities, many of the teams developed solutions that hold the potential to be widely implemented across the globe,” said Schneider, a PhD candidate in chemistry.

The winners were selected by a panel of five energy sector experts, who also named three additional finalists. Each organization gets $20,000 to advance their enterprise and a trip to Stanford for the Global Energy Forum. The conference was scheduled for this month but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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