GSB’s Matt Abrahams teaches us to ‘Think Fast, Talk Smart’ in podcast series

Think Fast, Talk Smart logoMATT ABRAHAMS, a lecturer of strategic communication at the Graduate School of Business, has sat down with communication experts from across campus to discuss public speaking anxiety, speaking off the cuff, nailing a question and answer period and more.

The resulting podcast series, “Think Fast, Talk Smart,” is available on the Graduate School of Business website.

Among the subjects:

For instance, the episode “When Knowing Too Much Can Hurt Your Communication: How to Make Complex Ideas Accessible” makes the point that the first rule of great communication is to know your audience. Once you figure out what aspects of your work people care about and can understand, then explain things in those terms, Abrahams advises.

Among the colleagues Abrahams has invited to share their expertise are:

ADAM TOBIN, senior lecturer in film and media studies

DAN KLEIN, lecturer in management

ALLISON KLUGER, lecturer in management

LAUREN WEINSTEIN, lecturer and founder of Resonate Coaching

Visit the “Think Fast, Talk Smart” website.