Carolyn Bertozzi has been awarded the John J. Carty Award

Carolyn Bertozzi
Carolyn Bertozzi

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has presented its 2020 John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science to Stanford chemistry professor CAROLYN BERTOZZI for her invention of bioorthogonal chemistry.

“Bioorthogonal chemistry” is the name Bertozzi coined for chemical reactions that can take place within living cells and organisms. These reactions can be used to label specific molecules in cells for imaging, drug target identification and the creation of next-generation biotherapeutics.

Bertozzi, who is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences and the Baker Family Co-Director of Stanford ChEM-H, will be among 15 prize winners honored in a ceremony on Sunday, April 26, during the 157th annual meeting of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington D.C.

This marks the second award Bertozzi has received this month. She is also the recipient of the 2020 Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize, which recognizes scientists who have made “major discoveries that lay the foundation for the chemistry of the future while serving human progress.”

Bertozzi is also a member of Stanford Bio-X, the Wu Tsai Neuroscience Institute, the Stanford Cancer Institute and the Maternal & Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI), as well as an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.