CASBS project gets a boost from Stanford alum Reid Hoffman

CASBS logoAn ongoing Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) project on “Creating a New Moral Political Economy” recently received support from entrepreneur, investor and Stanford alum REID HOFFMAN.

Hoffman, who earned his bachelor’s degree from Stanford in symbolic systems in 1990, is co-founder of LinkedIn, the career and professional online social networking site. He also has served as a partner with Greylock Partners, a venture capital firm, since 2009.

Hoffman went on to earn a master’s degree in philosophy at Oxford University, and that experience formed his view of philosophy as the “springboard to a life of meaning and entrepreneurial impact,” as he wrote in a 2016 post about the newly launched annual Berggruen Prize.

Through a Berggruen Institute-sponsored workshop held at CASBS in 2016, Hoffman met CASBS director MARGARET LEVI. During a visit by Levi to Hoffman’s Palo Alto office, the conversation turned toward the recognition, shared by an increasing number of observers and reinforced by mounting evidence, that the prevailing political economic system and its supporting institutions are fraying, benefit too few and require a fundamental rethinking.

That’s in essence the motivation behind the center’s project on “Creating a New Moral Political Economy.” Levi updated him on the project’s progress, and Hoffman proposed supporting it.

“With its ‘Creating a New Moral Political Economy’ project, CASBS is convening a multi-disciplinary group of smart and provocative thinkers to help figure out how we are going to design a better, more equitable society,” said Hoffman. “The project already is generating some very innovative ideas, and starting to untangle some very thorny problems and issues. I’m pleased to support this ambitious and important undertaking.”

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