Gabrielle Wong-Parodi and William Tarpeh receive early-career awards

Gabrielle Wong-Parodi

The Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has awarded Stanford Earth’s GABRIELLE WONG-PARODI and Stanford Engineering’s WILLIAM TARPEH 2019 Early-Career Research Fellowships. Now in its fifth year, the fellowship program supports the development of emerging scientific leaders who are prepared to work at the intersections of environmental health, community health and resilience, and offshore energy system safety in the Gulf of Mexico and other U.S. coastal regions.

Wong-Parodi is an assistant professor in the Department of Earth System Science and a center fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. Her research focuses on applying behavioral decision research methods to address challenges associated with global environmental change. She uses behavioral decision science approaches to create evidence-based strategies for informed decision making, with a particular focus on building resilience and promoting sustainability in the face of a changing climate.

William Tarpeh

Tarpeh is an assistant professor of chemical engineering. The Tarpeh Lab develops and evaluates novel approaches to resource recovery from “waste” waters at several synergistic scales: molecular mechanisms of chemical transport and transformation; novel unit processes that increase resource efficiency; and systems-level assessments that identify optimization opportunities.

The Gulf Research Program’s Early-Career Research fellows are provided with a $76,000 financial award along with mentoring support. The support allows them to take risks on research ideas, pursue unique collaborations and build a network of colleagues who share their interest in improving offshore energy system safety and the resilience of coastal communities and ecosystems.

The fellowships are awarded to individuals who demonstrate a strong scientific or technical background, superior scholarship, effective communication skills and an ability to work across disciplines, among other attributes. Nearly 70 Early-Career Research Fellowships have been awarded since 2015.

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