New Children’s Center of the Stanford Community facility opens on Comstock Circle

The Children’s Center of the Stanford Community

The first of two new child care centers at Stanford has opened on Comstock Circle, bolstering Stanford’s status as one of the largest child care providers in the Bay Area and in higher education nationwide.

The new Children’s Center of the Stanford Community (CCSC) facility was completed this summer and has a capacity of 220 children.

Although the number of children the center can accommodate is much larger than the facility it replaces, PHYLLIS STEWART PIRES, senior director of WorkLife strategy, acknowledges it still isn’t enough to meet the needs of the campus community.

That’s why, since 2000, child care capacity on campus has more than doubled. The new CCSC is an example of the university’s continuing commitment to finding solutions for a daunting challenge for all Bay Area employers.

The second new child care facility – Pine Cone Children’s Center at Stanford Redwood City – will open this fall and accommodate 120 children.

Stewart Pires calls the new CCSC facility “a magnificent use of space.”

The expansive facility is located next to Escondido Village, across the street from Stanford’s Bing Nursery School and down the street from Escondido Elementary School. In many ways, that part of campus has become a child-centered neighborhood.

The facility was designed specifically for CCSC, a parent cooperative founded in 1969 on Serra Street. The facility leverages natural light in the airy, connected classrooms, all of which open to shared play areas. Builders also made special efforts to preserve and accommodate the trees that populate the property, creating a nature-friendly environment.

“The CCSC is a good example of collaboration in which expertise from the architects, WorkLife Office and CCSC community came together to optimize and design a space to best serve the families and the teachers,” Stewart Pires said.