Stanford Alumni Association recognizes students for service to the university

Janet Coleman-Belin
Janet Coleman-Belin

Every year, the Stanford Alumni Association recognizes Stanford students for their service and contributions to the campus community.

Among them this year is graduating senior JANET COLEMAN-BELIN, recipient of the year’s Outstanding Achievement Award. She won the award for making a significant impact on the campus community through undergraduate activities and for demonstrating a strong potential for continued service to the university and alumni community.

“Janet is energized and fortified by her roles and communities, affording vibrant contribution in a number of organizations and spaces on campus,” said one of her nominators. Coleman-Belin, who served as a Rinconada resident assistant, a co-chair of the student advisory group for the vice provost for undergraduate education, a former class co-president and a teaching assistant for the class Dare to Care, also was a finalist for the J.E. Wallace Sterling Award, won by IAN MACATO.

Coleman-Belin is also one of 172 graduating seniors who have received the Class of 2019 Award for Excellence. The award recognizes graduating seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to the university through involvement, leadership and Stanford spirit. About 10 percent of the class receive this honor. See the full list of recipients.

Thirty-five graduate students were named winners of the 2019 Graduate Student Community Impact Award. The award recognizes graduate students who have fostered a sense of enthusiasm and belonging among fellow graduate students and enhanced the Stanford community through leadership of a student organization, creation of an event or program or other campus contributions. These include programs that support first-generation college students, women in STEM fields, mentorship initiatives and initiatives that support first-generation and low-income students.

Faculty and staff nominated the graduate student winners, who included students in law, medicine, education, engineering, business, and humanities and social sciences. See the full list of recipients.