George Shultz explores the future, offers solutions to contemporary problems

George Shultz
Thinking About the Future by George Shultz

In his new Hoover Institution Press book, Thinking About the Future, GEORGE SHULTZ reflects on more than half a century of public service to offer solutions to some of America’s most pressing contemporary problems.

Revisiting key speeches and articles spanning his career, Shultz considers America’s role in the 21st-century world and addresses topics such as governance, technology, terrorism, drugs and climate change. Shultz is the Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford Distinguished Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He is one of just two individuals to have held four different federal Cabinet posts.

During his career, Shultz has aided presidents, confronted national and international crises and argued passionately that the United States has a vital stake in promoting democratic values and institutions worldwide. In speeches, articles, congressional testimony and conversations with world leaders, he has helped shape policy and public opinion on the same topics as covered in his book.

Now, Shultz applies his past thinking to America’s most urgent present-day challenges. Taken together, they create a vision of a thriving American future. To flourish in the 21st century, he suggests, we must demand accountability of ourselves and others. We must build and maintain trust. And in a world defined by rapid change, disruption and technological advancement, we must not only keep up but “think through this change in human terms.”

Each chapter pairs Shultz’s past work with new commentary, providing context, color and behind-the-scenes glimpses of how decisions are made in the halls of power – along with reminiscences of such figures as Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher.

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