UHR’s Danielle Oceguera wins NBC’s Grow Your Value competition

Danielle Oceguera
Danielle Oceguera

DANIELLE OCEGUERA, who coordinates Stanford’s Manager Academy and facilitates courses such as Crucial Conversations, has won the NBC Universal and ADP “Grow Your Value” competition, which is based on the book Knowing Your Value by Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

As talent development coordinator in University Human Resources, Oceguera focuses on the professional development of others. The award competition gave her an opportunity to focus on her own, while winning $25,000.

Oceguera, who is pursuing a master’s degree in organization and leadership from the University of San Francisco, said one of her mentors urged her to enter the competition. Although initially reluctant, she submitted a 60-second video pitching how she would use the money to pay for her education and what she would gain from the professional coaching the finalists receive. She told them: “My dream is to develop leaders who will change the world.”

Once selected as a finalist, she and two other women flew to New York to meet with several coaches and advisors

“It was intense. And it was empowering,” she said. “We learned so much about ourselves.”

The trio then attended the “Grow Your Value” conference in San Francisco in December, and each had the chance to make a pitch to Brzezinski and a panel of judges.

“There was a big theme about voice at the conference,” she said. “It was about finding your voice and using it to advocate for yourself, and to stop apologizing.”

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