BeWell offers advice about reducing the stress that clutter causes

Patty Purpur De Vries
Patty Purpur De Vries

Here’s news from BeWell that we can all use.

BeWell talked to PATTY PURPUR DE VRIES, associate director of Enterprise Wellness: Strategy & Innovation and director of Stanford LeadWell Network, about clutter.

Turns out that as clutter builds, so does stress. Research shows that clutter causes anxiety and has a negative impact on mental health, nutrition and cognitive abilities. In a new article on the BeWell website called “Home organization: Take ACTION,” De Vries offers advice about confronting clutter.

Summarized, she suggests:

  • visualizing how you’d like your home to be and finding even a tiny way to move in that direction
  • collecting resources to help, including friends or co-workers, and labeling three boxes give away, recycle and keep
  • tackling your fear of someday needing something that has lost its usefulness
  • investing in tomorrow’s decluttering for a less stressful future
  • owning the outcome by being mindful of the peace and enjoyment you find in the space
  • never giving up

Read the entire article on the BeWell webpage.