Faculty receive awards for promise in biomedical research, clinical care

Four School of Medicine clinician-scientists have been awarded the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation 2018 Clinical Scientist Development Award.

School of Medicine logoThe early-career researchers were among 18 selected for the award based on the rigor of their research and their commitment to excellence. Each researcher will receive a total of $495,000 over three years.

The Stanford recipients are:

  • BRICE GAUDILLIERE, assistant professor of anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine, who plans to use mass spectrometry to investigate how the human immune system senses the onset of labor in normal and preterm pregnancies.
  • CHRISTIN KUO, assistant professor of pediatrics, who plans to investigate pulmonary neuroendocrine cell signaling in the developing lung and in disease.
  • CAROLYN LEE, assistant professor of dermatology, who is studying the regulation of skin cancer progression.
  • KEVIN WANG, assistant professor of dermatology, who plans to improve the treatment of skin disorders by manipulating the three-dimensional chromosomal architecture to control gene expression in wound healing and tissue regeneration.

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