Rethinking policy education: The Summer Policy Boot Camp

Summer Policy Boot Camp
(Image credit: Patrick Beaudouin)

At the Hoover Institution, the Summer Policy Boot Camp reflects a major rethinking about how to train people to become successful policy leaders.

While students may learn about policy issues and analysis in the classroom, some Stanford scholars say that they do not always develop the skills needed after college to deliver policy results in the real world.

Enter the Summer Policy Boot Camp. Now in its second year, the Hoover-hosted program is unique for its immersive nature and, with scholarly assistance, its deep dive into the complex world of policy making.

The residential program included assignments, study groups and lectures from Hoover’s top experts on national security, economics, health care, education and law. By Sept. 10, the students are required to submit a policy proposal assignment – an essay of 1,500-2,000 words that offers a well-thought-out approach to a particular policy issue based on what they gleaned at the boot camp.

This year, 95 students, mostly undergraduates, and professionals from throughout the world, attended the boot camp – up from 80 last year. The program is free to those accepted.

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