SAA recognizes students for their achievements and service

2018 Award of Excellence
The Stanford Alumni Association recently honored 172 seniors with the Class of 2018 Award of Excellence for their commitment to the university.

The STANFORD ALUMNI ASSOCIATION recently recognized undergraduate and graduate students with the 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award, Class of 2018 Award of Excellence and 2018 Graduate Student Community Impact Award.

Graduating seniors ALEXANDRA ENRIQUE, LUIS ORNELAS and HARRISON PHILLIPS received the Stanford Alumni Association’s 2018 Outstanding Achievement Award. This award is given to the top two or three seniors who have made a significant impact on the campus community and whose undergraduate activities demonstrate strong potential for continued service to the university and alumni community.

The Class of 2018 Award of Excellence was given to 172 seniors. The award recognizes graduating seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to the university through involvement, leadership and extraordinary spirit. Only 10 percent of the class receive this honor.

The 2018 Graduate Student Community Impact Award was given to 34 graduate students. This award recognizes graduate students who have enhanced the Stanford community through exemplary leadership of a student organization, creation of an event or program or other unique campus contributions. Faculty and staff nominated students who have fostered a sense of enthusiasm and belonging among fellow grad students.

Previously, IBRAHIM BHARMAL was awarded SAA’s Sterling Award.