William Chueh wins Outstanding Young Investigator Award

WILLIAM CHUEH, assistant professor of materials science and engineering and center fellow at the Precourt Institute for Energy, recently received the Materials Research Society’s 2018 Outstanding Young Investigator Award for his groundbreaking research in ionic and electronic charge transport and interfacial chemistry.

william chueh
William Chueh

Chueh leads a group of 25 students and postdocs tackling the challenge of decarbonizing various energy transformation pathways. Specifically, his group seeks to understand and engineer electrochemical reactions at the levels of electrons, ions, molecules, particles and devices, using a bottom-up approach, for applications in energy storage (such as lithium-ion and flow batteries) and in energy conversion (such as fuel cells, electrolyzers and photoelectrochemical cells).

The Outstanding Young Investigator Award, which recognizes innovation and leadership in the field, emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary research in improving quality of life and is open to nominees under the age of 36. Chueh will be honored this April at the Materials Research Society’s spring meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

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