Business faculty suggest books to read over the holidays

Graduate School of Business faculty have a few suggestions about books to read over the holiday break.

Stanford Graduate School of Business professors recommend the one book they hope to read or reread during the winter break. They range from obscure biographies to beloved fantasies to a 44-year-old rumination on the psychology of death.

Among the suggestions:

DAVID BROOCKMAN, assistant professor of political economy:

Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, by Robert A. Caro, 2002

“An engaging and insightful volume chronicling how the most consequential president of the 20th century transformed the U.S. Senate as its majority leader while representing my native state of Texas.”

JONATHAN LEVIN, Philip H. Knight Professor and Dean:

The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, by Jonathan Haidt, 2012

“Right now I’m reading The Righteous Mind, after hearing many enthusiastic recommendations. For winter break, I’m looking forward to reading Amor Towles’ novel A Gentleman in Moscow, which I just received as a birthday present.”

MARGARET NEALE, Adams Distinguished Professor of Management:

I Am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes, 2014

“It is an awesome and engaging thriller (that grabs the reader from the start) about a spy who wants to lead a ‘normal’ life. Lucky for us, he does not get his wish. Make sure you buy a hard copy of this work, as you will want to pass it along to your friends when you are done.”

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