David Shaw is now the winningest Stanford football coach

DAVID SHAW, the Bradford M. Freeman Director of Football, is now the most successful  football coach in Stanford history. His 72 victories have surpassed those of the legendary  Glenn “Pop” Warner. Warner was Stanford’s football coach from 1924 to 1932 and is credited with introducing many of the innovations in the modern game of football.

David Shaw
David Shaw

Shaw earned his 72nd victory when Stanford beat Cal in the recent Big Game. He is a 1995 Stanford graduate and the fifth alum to hold the position of Stanford head coach. Shaw’s 49 victories against conference foes are the third most in the country since he became head coach in 2011.

Now in his seventh season at Stanford, Shaw has led the Cardinal to three Pac-12 titles in the past five seasons and a pair of Rose Bowl wins.

“It says we have had a lot of the right people,” Shaw told the Pac-12 in an interview. “Great players, great coaches that know how to work together, that want to work hard.”

“To be a part of his program is just a blessing in our eyes,” said senior  defensive tackle HARRISON PHILLIPS. “The team is so happy for him.”

“He sets the standard,” said sophomore quarterback K.J. COSTELLO. “He sets the bar so high. Everyone, including the staff, it trickles all the way down to the players. You just want to fight to meet that standard. The result is a lot of wins.”

Cornerback ALAMEEN MURPHY presented Shaw with the game ball after Big Game, drawing roars from the players.

Shaw now leads the Cardinal into the Pac-12 Championship against the University of Southern California at Levi’s Stadium on Friday.