President Tatertot-Lasagna saves Gaieties from the evil Oski

President Marc Tessier-Lavigne at Gaieties
President Marc Tessier-Lavigne made an unexpected appearance at Gaieties this year, saving the production from the evil Oski. (Photo by Aaron Kehoe)

Surprise cameo appearances by university administrators have come to be a tradition for Gaieties, the annual student-written, musical extravaganza that makes fun of all things Cal. The Gaieties performance, produced by Ram’s Head, takes place in the week leading up to Big Game and is one of many events meant to rouse school spirit.

Last week, it was President MARC TESSIER-LAVIGNE’s turn to make an appearance and bring audience members to their feet with a cheer of delighted surprise. Only, the students stumble over the president’s name. Is he Marc Tatertot-Lasagna? Marc T’Ariana-LaGrande? Or Marc Tesseract-LaVertices?

The show, called “Bearanormal Activity” in a nod to Cal’s mascot, Oski the bear, has a convoluted story line, but try to follow us here: Apparently, Stanford students who are rehearsing for Gaieties and getting ready for Big Game are plagued by a series of grisly axe-related murders. (Another nod to Big Game, which features an axe as its trophy. It’s a long story.) Rightly disturbed by the killings, the students ponder whether Gaieties can go on.

Throughout “Bearanormal Activity,” the president was played by freshman JONATHAN BRIDGES, who attendees say did a pretty good job mimicking the mannerisms of the Canadian Marc Tessier-Lavigne, even if he is from Tennessee.

“This was actually my first theater production ever, but I had heard the president speak before so I knew how to do his accent,” said Bridges. “I read the script and, honestly, I just did what I felt like would be funny, and the crowds seemed to really like it.”

Tessier-Lavigne appears as the actors are considering the role Cal might have played in the murders. He presents a document proving the show must go on. If it doesn’t, according to JANE STANFORD, an earthquake will bring down the Stanford campus, or something like that. You had to be there.

Anyway, the point is that Oski was trying to bring down Gaieties. But the students find him, axe him and the show goes on.

Plus, the Cardinal won the Big Game. Again. And the Axe stays here. Go Cardinal.