Visit the ‘dome sweet dome’ in the Science and Engineering Quad

Visit the geodesic dome in the Science and Engineering Quadrangle.

Students in lecturer AMY LARIMER‘s Summer Arts Institute course Practicing Art + Architecture have created a geodesic dome in the Science and Engineering Quadrangle.

They’d like you to visit it. And while you are there, please lounge inside, nap within, admire it from afar and take pictures of it. But whatever you do, don’t climb on it. The dome went up Friday and will stay up until Thursday, Aug. 3.

The dome is a partial-sphere, lattice-shell structure made of PVC tube struts that the students marked, cut, drilled and assembled themselves.

In a sign accompanying the dome, the class asks, “What better way to learn about architecture and creativity than to build something with your own hands? Fabricating and building this structure was the ultimate lesson in architecture, engineering and collaboration.”

The Summer Arts Institute, part of the Stanford Pre-collegiate Studies Programs, allows high school students to study the interplay of arts, science and creativity.

Larimer says reactions to the dome have been “wonderful.”

She said, “Lots of questions and curiosity and LOTS of people stopping to take pictures. We are studying temporary art and architecture, so this has been a wonderful and empowering study for the students to realize the whole process of design, construction and collaboration.”