Mathematician Emmanuel Candès receives 2017 Kleinman Prize

EMMANUEL CANDÈS, professor of mathematics and statistics, was honored with the 2017 Ralph E. Kleinman Prize from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) at its annual meeting earlier this month.

Emmanuel Candès
Emmanuel Candès

Established in 1998, the Kleinman Prize is awarded every two years to one individual for outstanding research – or other contributions – bridging the gap between mathematics and applications. The value of the work is measured by the quality of the mathematics as well as its impact on the application; each prize may be given either for a single notable achievement or for a collection of such achievements.

For Candès, the selection committee recognized his “fundamental breakthroughs in information theory, signal processing, imaging, computational harmonic analysis, and their applications to daily life problems in engineering and in physical and biomedical sciences.”

In his research statement, Professor Candès reports that his primary areas of research include compressive sensing, mathematical signal processing, computational harmonic analysis, multiscale analysis, scientific computing, statistical estimation and detection, high-dimensional statistics, applications to the imaging sciences and inverse problems. Other topics of recent interest include theoretical computer science, mathematical optimization and information theory.