Cath in College helps explain Stanford’s long-range planning to students

PRESIDENT MARC TESSIER-LAVIGNE got a hand recently from the blog CATH IN COLLEGE in encouraging Stanford students to participate in the university’s long-range planning initiative.

The planning process is currently in phase one, which extends through June. During this phase, members of the campus community—including students—are strongly encouraged to submit ideas and proposals that suggest future challenges the university might confront and ways the university’s foundation can be strengthened.

Cath in College, a blog about going to Stanford, is the brainchild of junior CATHERINE GOETZE, a science, technology and society major from Barrington, Illinois. Goetze, who started the blog the summer before coming to Stanford, entertains prospective and current students worldwide with stories and videos about everything from parties, to dorm life to studying for tests.

Goetz recently stopped by Tessier-Lavigne’s office hours to talk about the university’s long-range planning process. The result is, well, hilarious as Goetze, left momentarily alone in the president’s office, checks out everything from his chair, to phone to pen and even takes a phone call for him from PROVOST PERSIS DRELL. The two tour campus, with the president donning a Hawaiian Stanford shirt and sunglasses. Among those featured in cameos are RAMESH JOHARI, associate professor of management science and engineering, and JULIET BRODIE, associate dean for clinical education and professor (teaching) of law.