Tessier-Lavigne participates in White House meeting on biomedical innovation

Marc Tessier-Lavigne
President Marc Tessier-Lavigne

President MARC TESSIER-LAVIGNE was at the White House on Monday for a meeting with administration officials on the importance of basic biomedical research to improving human health and fueling economic growth.

Tessier-Lavigne, a neuroscientist and former chief scientific officer of biotechnology company Genentech, was invited to join a group of university leaders, academic health care leaders, biotechnology executives and government officials to discuss America’s leadership in biomedicine and the role of federal funding in supporting it.

“I had the privilege of making opening remarks about how recent technological advances, such as the human genome project, have catapulted science into a true golden age of biomedical discovery,” Tessier-Lavigne said. “We discussed the essential collaborative ecosystem of academic researchers, supported by the NIH, whose discoveries of disease mechanisms are then leveraged through critical investments made by private industry to develop therapies and cures.

“Thanks to new technologies, we have the potential now to discover treatments and cures at a pace never before thought possible,” he said. “We spoke to the importance of maintaining the United States’ investment in biomedical research and of retaining our global leadership in the field to keep jobs and expertise in the U.S. Not only will biomedical research save lives, it will save our nation billions of dollars in health care costs and create thousands of jobs. Members of the administration were interested and engaged in our conversation. They have a deep understanding of global competitiveness in this sector.”