Researcher loafs around

Fiona Strouts
Fiona Strouts

FIONA STROUTS, research scientist in infectious diseases at the School of Medicine, says her background in microbiology research helps her understand sourdough making from the viewpoint of microbial fermentation and the effects of time and temperature.

Makes sense.

So what started out as a hobby for Strouts transitioned into a passion and now has grown into a business.

Strouts operates L’Atelier du Pain and sells her handmade whole grain breads at the Portola Valley Farmers Market on Thursdays.

Strouts grew up in France and says that for her family the highlight of each week was to go to the village market on Saturday and stop by the local baker’s house to pick up bread.

“Almost a year ago, I started learning more about all of the farmers in California who are passionate about sustainable agriculture and who are growing different varieties of wheat – both ancient and modern. I loved discovering the different flavors and properties of these wheats for bread making,” she says.

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