Check out these mathematical brain teasers in honor of Leland Stanford Jr

Leland Stanford Jr.
Leland Stanford Jr., for whom the university was named.

Alumnus AZIZ İNAN, who earned his master’s degree from Stanford in 1980 and his PhD in 1983, sees mathematical patterns in the everyday.

“I play with ages, dates, ID numbers, building numbers, ZIP Code numbers, everything,” İnan, professor of electrical engineering at the University of Portland, told Stanford magazine.

As a loyal Stanford alumnus, İnan could not let the university’s 125th anniversary pass without honoring it with his particular attention.

To mark the special occasion, İnan constructed fun numerical brainteasers in memory of LELAND STANFORD, JR.

For instance:

1. If numbers 1 to 26 are assigned to the letters of the English alphabet as A being 1, B being 2, C being 3, etc., the numbers assigned to the letters of “Leland Stanford” add up to 145, which, interpreted as 14/5, coincides with Leland Jr.’s birth date, 14 May.

2. Stanford’s 100th birthday was also numerically special for another reason: The 100th prime number is 541, and its reverse, namely 145, is Leland Jr.’s birth date, 14/5.

3. Leland Jr.’s birth date, May 14, expressed as 5/14 or simply as 514 equals 2 times 257, where prime factors 2 and 257 add up to 259. Coincidentally, the numbers assigned to the letters of “Stanford University” also add up to 259.

4. The year Stanford University was founded – 1885 – equals 13 times 145, where 145 is Leland Jr.’s birth date, 14 May. Moreover, the 13th prime number is 41, which is the reverse of 14, the date of Leland Jr.’s birth. Additionally, the digits of 41 add up to 5, yielding the birth month number of Leland Jr. Also, 5 times 13 is 65, where the 65th prime number is 313, representing March 13, the day Leland Jr. died.

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