Student Affairs award named for Provost John Etchemendy

Greg Boardman and John Etchemendy
Greg Boardman and John Etchemendy (Photo: L.A. Cicero)

Student Affairs, the university division that includes career education, community engagement, the dean of students office, residential education, the university registrar and student health, has renamed an award given for outstanding faculty service to honor PROVOST JOHN ETCHEMENDY.

Etchemendy, the university’s longest serving provost, will be leaving his position to return to teaching and research.

At a divisional beginning-of-the-year gathering on Friday, Sept. 16, Vice Provost for Student Affairs GREG BOARDMAN presented Etchemendy with the award and then read a resolution in which he announced naming the award in the provost’s honor.

The resolution reads:

“Whereas: John Etchemendy has demonstrated an exceptional dedication to the students of Stanford University, as an award-winning Professor of Philosophy, and a world-renowned scholar and researcher;

Whereas: John Etchemendy has held numerous leadership roles at Stanford, including the University’s 12th and longest-serving provost;

Whereas: In his role as Provost, John Etchemendy has ensured that outstanding students of all economic backgrounds have an opportunity to attend Stanford, thanks to the university’s generous financial aid program;

Whereas: Provost Etchemendy has demonstrated a commitment to building state-of-the-art research, classroom, housing and recreational facilities for the benefit of students, faculty and staff, while also ensuring excellent stewardship of the University’s finances;

Whereas: Provost Etchemendy has developed and supported innovative programs designed to foster diversity among faculty and graduate students.

Be it Resolved:  That the Student Affairs Faculty Award for Outstanding Service, presented annually to a Stanford faculty member who has demonstrated exceptional dedication to Student Affairs, be heretofore named the John Etchemendy Student Affairs Faculty Award for Outstanding Service.

Presented on this day, the 16th of September 2016, by Greg Boardman, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, with appreciation for John Etchemendy’s enduring support.”