Article about bosses most recent popular Stanford Report story

SRTurns out that readers of Stanford Report, the university’s official news source, are likeliest to click on health and wellness articles and news about university developments. But when it comes to articles about bosses, that’s when they are really motivated.

Every summer since 2010, Stanford Report has analyzed its analytics to track its progress with readers and to allow for any mid-year course corrections. This year’s January to July report found, for instance:

  • The most popular story so far this year was “Three things all good bosses do,” based on research by economist Kathryn Shaw at the Graduate School of Business. The story was opened by 4,640 readers.
  • The next most popular stories, as measured by click-through, were about middle-age weight gain by BeWell and findings on the link between canned food and exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals.
  • When it comes to university articles, readers are very interested in all the news about the new Redwood City campus, as well as such issues as tuition, the recent staff survey and the election of faculty to the National Academy of Sciences.
  • For research news, Stanford Report readers like to click on such health- and life-related subjects as fad diets, differences between male and female brains, a mom’s effect on children’s brains and why some people have trouble with romantic breakups.
  • Monday is apparently the most popular day to open Stanford Report, and June was the most popular month for reading so far this year.
  • The most popular issue of the year covered Commencement, followed by the issues announcing the appointments of the new president and the new dean of the Graduate School of Business.