You never know where the Stanford Band will show up

Stanford Band
The Stanford Band performed for visitors to campus on Saturday from the White Plaza fountain and pool. Photo by Kate Chesley

Visitors to campus Saturday may have been a tad surprised to find members of the LELAND STANFORD JUNIOR UNIVERSITY MARCHING BAND playing various tunes from the White Plaza fountain and pool in front of the bookstore, as well as the fountain and pool in front of the Bing Wing of Green Library.

That is, the hundreds of visitors walking the campus sure seemed surprised, judging by all the puzzled-faced selfies they were taking with the Band in the background.

Band manager BRAD HAAS, a coterminal mechanical engineering major, said the Stanford Band has been busy with engagements on weekends and evenings all summer long. Most members work during the day at various internships or summer jobs. Haas said they had some free time this weekend and decided to entertain whoever was around on a Saturday just for fun.