New ESPN commercial features the Stanford Tree

Stanford Tree WILL FUNK, a junior majoring in Science, Technology and Society, recently traveled to the headquarters of ESPN’s SportsCenter in Connecticut with Band adviser RACHEL AUMANN, assistant dean for student life, to film a new commercial.

Funk’s starring role continues a tradition of Tree, the mascot of the Stanford Band, participation in the always-funny ESPN commercials. In the past, for instance, the Tree has been featured with golfer Bubba Watson, who puzzles how to get around the Tree in a tight hallway. In 2011, the Tree fainted in the ESPN lunch room after overhearing baseball player Jason Hayward explain in excruciating detail how bats are made. In 2010, the Tree looked askance at a broadcaster for throwing away paper rather than recycling it.

Check out the most recent commercial and watch as Funk gets carried away by the Goodyear Blimp.