Women’s swim team makes a bike helmet commitment

Photograph of bike helmet giveaway
Deputy Allen James, left, and Bike Coordinator Ariadne Scott, center, were on hand to give away bike helmets to members of the women’s swim team, including Lia Neal, right. (Photo: Kate Chesley)

If you see an undergraduate wearing a helmet while riding a bike on campus, chances are good that it could be a member of the women’s swim team.

Members of the team recently committed to wearing helmets, thanks to the encouragement of Coach GREG MEEHAN and the support of the Stanford Department of Public Safety (DPS).

It all started with team member GRACE CARLSONs crash. Although Carlson wasn’t wearing a helmet during the crash, she emerged uninjured. But she was lucky, according to Deputy ALLEN JAMES, who sees too many bike crashes and too few bike helmets on campus. He wants more athletes to wear helmets and to serve as role models for other students. The message resonated with Meehan, and a partnership was born.

Within a week, members of the women’s swim team arrived at the Campus Bike Shop and received new bike helmets, purchased by DPS and donated to the team.

At a recent coaches meeting, Meehan challenged other teams also to require helmets. All that would be good news for ARIADNE SCOTT, bicycle program coordinator.

“We are changing the culture one rider at a time, and now one team at a time, too,” Scott said. “As with athletics, ours is a team effort, with a growing number of campus partners working together to increase bike safety at Stanford.”

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